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Clickmagick Tracking vs Clickfunnels

Clickmagick Tracking

Ja ik weet het is in het Engels!
Maar dan begrijp je ook de termen die gebruikt worden.
Het is een flinke portie wat ze hier neerzetten.

Mocht je het niet begrijpen stuur ik je de nederlandse vertaalde versie persoonlijk naar je toe!

After a ton of research, testing and trial and error.
I’ve finally figured out how to accurately track exactly which link click all of my ClickFunnels trials and sales came from.
And automatically calculate the ROI on that particular paid traffic source using ClickMagick.

How clickmagick tracking works

I’m going to teach you exactly how to do this right now. (But brace yourself because it’s pretty darn crazy)

Step 1: create a Clickmagick tracking link and put your ClickFunnels affiliate link as the ‘primary URL’ before saving.
Put [clickid] in one of the two sub id slots in your CF link.. Don’t try to do this in the CF affiliate
dashboard or it doesn’t work.
Because BackPack will parse out the [].. Generate your affiliate link first with any random sub ID, copy it to your clipboard then replace the random sub ID with [clickid].

For the second sub ID put something that describes the funnel or offer in general terms (like cf trial bridge for example)

Step 2: When someone clicks your tracking link CM will dynamically replace [clickid] with a unique 9 digit number before redirecting the visitor to your ClickFunnels affiliate link

Step 3: When a new CF trial or sale comes in, your CF CSV report will show the 9 digit click ID in one of the sub ID fields.

Step 4: Click on Tools and then click on ClickId lookup in your CM dashboard and type in the 9 digit number and hit submit

Step 5: CM will display the IP address associated with that ClickID

Step 6: click on the IP address (it’s hyperlinked) and CM will show you the entire Click history for that person, every tracking link they clicked on, in order and when they clicked it

Step 7: manually enter that revenue info (and traffic cost info) at the tracking link level. (and also at the front end funnel link level if you’re using a bridge page for your affiliate offer) for the tracking link that the IP address history told you that the click originated, and ClickMagick will calculate out the ROI for you

Be aware that clickmagick tracking…

Note: If you’re sending affiliate traffic to a bridge page first, rather than directly to your affiliate link. You’ll need to create a tracking link that points at your Optin page and choose the ‘this is a funnel entry link’ option.

This front end funnel link should be in a link group of its own and call it something like ‘total stats’.

Then for each paid traffic source going to the offer you’ll need to create a sub group of that group.
Whenever you create a link in that sub group, rather than choose ‘create link manually’ you’ll choose ‘clone front end funnel link’..

This way, the primary URL of that second tracking link will actually redirect to your front end funnel link. So they click the traffic source link, it records the stats there, then it redirects them to your total stats front end funnel link and records the stats again there, then it redirects yet again to your Optin or bridge page..

Here’s a real example from how I have it deployed for my Affiliate Side Hustle funnel:

1.) I created a front end funnel link to my Optin page, and name it total stats – ASH and put it in a group by itself called Funnel – ASH.

2.) Then since I buy solo ads from Michael Glovis very regularly. He uses clickmagick tracking all the time. So shout out to him!

3.) Whenever I do a new traffic run with him, I go into his sub group, hover over create new link, and choose clone front end funnel link then I provide this link to Stephen.

4.) I enter cost of the solo ad manually at the link level

5.) I also update the traffic cost figure front end funnel level by adding the amount I just paid Stephen to the existing figure there (and I don’t check any of the options boxes – you want it to average the cost and revenue over all clicks, even when he over delivers on the order).

6.) Now I can see the conversion rate, cost per click, cost per email optin, ROI etc. Not only for that particular solo ad run, but for all traffic ever purchased from Stephen (because he has his own sub group) and also for all traffic ever sent to that funnel from all sources (the overall funnel results)

Check this out..

Important: Don’t forget to Generate an action tracking pixel in ClickMagick tracking (you need to select the JavaScript version) and place this in the head tracking code section of your thank you page in CF (same way you’d place your Facebook pixel) so it can track email Optin rates for different traffic sources

Pain in the ass = oh yes

Worth taking the time to setup = YES

Because if you don’t do this properly, you simply don’t have the metrics needed to be able to confidently spend enough money on paid traffic to compete effectively in the ClickFunnels affiliate game.

Soon I’ll be at an information advantage point with this funnel that I’ll be able to max out all my credit cards on paid traffic and be able to make reasonable financial projections about when I’ll get my investment back and what my ROI will be

Why is this process so darn complicated?

BackPack doesn’t support Custom Post Back URLs which allow the affiliate program (or network) to automatically tell ClickMagick in real time what your sales were and where they came from). But to be fair many major affiliate networks including ClickBank don’t support Post Back URL tracking either) Actually the only time I’ve personally seen post backs supported were on Idev Affiliate and HasOffers.

Bottom Line:
Once you have this setup the way I describe, someone could buy Funnel Scripts 6 months down the road and you can know with certainty where the original click came from that sticky cookied them and put them into Russell’s funnel, how much you paid for that click, and how much revenue that click has earned you to date. This is some really serious financial data to have at your disposal.

Is it hard work..?

It’s going to take some hard work to implement. But if you want to be competing at my level this is the bare minimum it’s going to take you. I’m sharing it with all of you today to empower you, because I’d rather bring all of you along with me to the top then try to push you down and climb over you to get there.

Number 1 rule of affiliate marketing: Always give value first


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